Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#ColgateMagicalStories: Jack and Jill Explored the Space

I always have a feeling that “Creativity” isn’t at all a fitting word for my darling son. He is intelligent, bright but bit more naughty than his peers. He is crazy about gadgets; love to explore the new apps in the virtual world and like any boisterous pre-teenager a die-hard fan of Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson. An avid reader and a fanatical fan of “Geronimo Stilton” he has recently developed interest towards Rick Riordan’s Books. As a classic Salman Khan fan, he would love stunts more in a movie than the story or the idea.


However I had observed that he had a special liking towards science fiction action films like Transformer(obviously). Also he loves everything about space and extra-terrestrial things. He often fantasies being one of his way of Being The savior - The Hero. Sometime he would feel like The G-One in the Sharukh Starrer Ra-One movie and sometime He would imagine himself as one among the Avengers (mostly Tony Stark-The Iron Man). One of his most cherished dreams is to become a Power Ranger in SPD (Space Patrol Delta) - A Red Ranger in particular -  more for riding those ultra electronic vehicles and weapons than fighting with Grum or any intra galaxial war...though.

Nevertheless it’s a fact that He has his versions of rescuing the world from aliens, whether it’s Transformer, Star Wars or Avengers…

That actually gave me a feeling that he would surely love the weaving of a story activity with #ColgateMagicalStories .
Indeed! I was Right!!  

In fact Little did I know that he had a wonderful imagination of knitting stories and exploring the Space? When I had registered for the #colgatemagicalstories I had an idea to make him bit creative. But I was taken aback by his ingenious story telling strength….

Here is the Story With #ColgateMagicalStories Activity From my #GeniousFromMischivousMind Pre-teen cool dude….

Jack And Jill Explored The Space!!

Jack and Jill, were seating idle

In a lazy and sluggish afternoon

Jack had an impulsive thought

Of exploring space and the Universe

And Stars and galaxies of Cosmos

Jill was bemused too

At the thought of Jack

They did a Hi-five with delight

Then Immediately

They asked for a Gadget

From their most Lovable friend Doremon

To travel to NASA

And asked them to help them

Exploring Space


The Scientists at NASA were indeed

In search of Young Scientists like Jack and Jill

Soon They helped them wear Space Suits

And sit inside the Rocket to go to space

And It soon crossed the “Escape Velocity”

To leave the Earth
The Space was indeed wonderful

That left awestruck, Jack and Jill

Stars, planets and galaxies

Nebula, Asteroids and many things

Soon they saw an approaching Space Shuttle

Having an extra-terrestrial being at the its wheel


Jack and Jill, Ready with their Guns

Asked the Aliens

To behave right or else it will be a gone case

The creature from outer space

Stopped and raised its hands

And said in an unfamiliar voice


Dear Jack, Dear Jill

Why are you all so afraid of us?

We live here, with out any fear

As we believe in co-existence

Of every species, in this Universe

We believe in Love

We Believe in Knowledge share

Its U humans,

Who always have that first impulse

Of Fight and War

Your Minds have Demonized Us
Not What Actually We are...

Let’s be friends and not foe

And I will help u to explore
The mysterious and magical world
Of the Space and Universe
The alien became a friend, and help jack and Jill

To explore the every nook and corner of the space

They bid it Good-Bye, and Returned to the Earth

And gave the message to the NASA

That Law of Universes is LOVE and PEACE

And not WAR!!!

Isn’t it great!! Now My Cool Dude has a dream to make a Hollywood film on this Story!!

Seems, Two People need to be think about their existence

Steven Spielberg  and scientists at NASA…Ha ha ha

Jack and Jill, Explored The Space, Met an Alien and Brought Earth, a message of Love and Peace!!
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