Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mom, I promise you, My First Call of the day will be Always for You!

Mom, I promise you, My First Call of the day will be Always for You!

Few Months back World renowned Author the Chetan Bhagat had written a Face Book post on “Calling Your Parents every day”.

I can really connect with this. My mother often stays alone at her own house. She goes to my brother’s place to stay for a while but never like to stay there long as she finds maximum solace at her own home. I really don’t understand why, but I have seen parents staying there own place more happily even if there are minimum resources available with them there than staying with their children with abundance of availability of resources. That’s a truth!! Well…But often my mother misses out the conversations with her kids, grand kids etc. Even if technology has made us to stay connected for every moment, I think we still feel we are busy.

But I have always made it a point to call her once a day, as I stay maximum distance away from her. If any day I fail to do so for anything…I get calls from her as she feels there might be something wrong with me. My other siblings don’t call her too often but the day they call up…I can hear the elated voices of my mother unfolding the happiness in her. Sometime I feel as if she eagerly waits for my call every day….

At a point…Parents are happy just hearing our voices #Fact. That makes them feel...They are remembered and not ignored. We should talk to them daily. Nowadays…I have made it a point to make my first call of the day to Her…

happy Mother's day To All

Mom, I promise you,
My First Call of the day
Will be Always for You!

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  1. Hi Tina , You know what , you have gifted your Mom , the World's most sought after promise. Each & every human being craves for Love. & appreciation. Our Moms are the souls , who wish for Love and only Love from us children. Keep the Promise intact Tina.