Friday, September 29, 2017


E Kash Kahi  Aisa Hota

Ke Do Dil Hote Seene Mein

Ek toot bhi jata ishq mein tho

Taklif na hoti jeene mein

E Kash Kahi  Aisa Hota

Ke Do Dil Hote Seene Mein

I wish It Hard Happened

I wish Human Had Two Hearts

If one of Them Were Broke In Love

Life Wouldn’t Be Difficult and hard

Unfortunately, humans and all living creature for that matter, have only one heart.

Today, in the occasion of World Heart Day, I don’t know why, I did remember these lines from a song in the movie Mohra, starred by Akshya Kumar and Rabina Tandon. We have one life and one heart. It’s very important to live happily and for that we have to take the best care our hearts. Good life lies in Good health, and Good health lies in a healthy heart.

Here is my take on it. Let’s take the steps, which make your heart fit and healthily beat  

The Heartbeats in our Hearts

Never want to leave it and Part

As their existence

Is due to this tiny and tender organ…Heart

More Precisely…A Healthy Heart!!!

To live longer,

We need a heart that’s healthy and stronger

To make it strong, vigorous and fit

We must follow some hale and hearty steps

The First is a diet, Healthy and right

That would help it shine and bright

Say No to Junk Food

That would make it flabby and harmful

The Next is, Hustle for that tender muscle

Walk; Jog to keep away from cardiovascular disorders

The next is, ample sleep to keep it fit

To help it be in shape and properly beat

As it works when we sleep

Its care is our first responsibility.

The Next is, have positive thoughts

To keep away from worries, anxiety,

That often makes it, become rancid and rot

Adopt Healthy lifestyle and Habits

To remain healthy and fit
To Make Our Hearts
Happily Dance, tap and beat

Take care of your heart

Don’t let it fall apart
Wish You All a Healthy Life...everyday

On World Heart Day

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