Saturday, July 1, 2017

Power Of Words!!

Words Hurt, Words Kill,
Words Mend, Words Heal
Words Make You Cry,
Words Make You Sniffle
Words Bring Joy
Words Bring Smiles
Words Break Hearts
Words Shatter Dreams
Words Amend Broken-hearts
Words Give To Shape to Imaginings
Words Are Lethal Weapons
That Bring War and Chaos
Words Are Soothing To Soul
That Bring Order and Peace
Words Break Us Within
And Wound the Soul...At Times
Words Fill the Hearts with Love
Making Them Compassionate and Kind
Words Disappoint and Dampen the Spirits
Words Tear-down, Words Annihilate
Words Re-kindle Within, Hope and Trust
Words Inspire, Words Liberate
Words Have Power to Destroy the World
Words Have Strength Too To Bring Heaven on Earth


  1. So true! Words can hurt. Words can heal.
    We should always taste our words before using them.

    1. Thank U so much Purba for visiting and appreciating!! Love n smile!!