Sunday, June 18, 2017

#FathersDay: Fathers Spend Sleepless Nights For their kids

#FathersDay: Fathers Spend Sleepless Nights For their kids

Probably, I have heard for the first time, a man saying "Father Should Have Leave Like - Maternity Leave- to take care of the newly born”.  And it was from husband.  I remember, sometime my son used to cry in the mid- night, making us confused and bewildered, with no clue, what he wanted exactly. I guess…every parent have those moments. Santosh used have a very erratic and abhorrent kind of shift duty those days. Sometime he used to back home after working more than 15 hours at a stretch. But in spite of that “He” used carry the baby for hours, sometime whole night staying awake - asking me to sleep peacefully. In fact, whenever he used to be at home, he used to spare a considerable time in taking care of my son…from bathing him to potty clean him….everything, he used to do. He is the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!  


That’s why I always strongly disagree if someone says; fathers don't spend "sleepless nights" for their children.  It’s an utter misconception. They do, may be at work or at home....raat raat bhar woh bhi jagte hain, Like stars at night, they stay awake, while we sleep and we don’t see them when we are awake in the daytime.


Most of the time, I have seen fathers are often misunderstood as “heartless beings” as unlike mothers they don’t wear emotional sleeves. But their sentiments are often invisible, like stars at night. If Mother endow with an emotional anchorage for a child, a father gives survival kit to wade through the waves of harsh realities and remain unfazed by them, and the bag of strength to think for the unthinkable, dare for the impossible!!

Love Your Dad; Love Him For Being Your Father!!
Happy Father’s Day!!

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