Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let’s Celebrate a Cheerful Day!!

Cheerfulness is Contagious

Let’s Celebrate a Cheerful Day!!

Life is just a trip!
Filled with twists and turns!
Sometimes making you feel!
Feeble unhappy and groans!
But when you rely on HIM!!
And upon his Eternal blessings…..!!!
You never know how light you feel
As if you can fly with your own wings

You’ll find the journey is easier...!!.
and the path is not rigid and rough,
Each step you take with HIM…!!
Is not so hard and tough.

Sorrows, Joys whatever happened
Keep it in the past and make it gone by days,
Well-come Today with a blissful heart
As if it’s your most wonderful day!!

There are still new joys and jubilations!
That is yet to be lived through!
Let’s Chase them and explore them!
For there is only one Today… for me and for you!

Today is a gift for everyone
To be Happy anyhow & anyway,
The World is celebrating it too...So
Let’s Celebrate a Cheerful Day!!
Let’s Celebrate a Cheerful Day!!

Be Cheerful…Its Contagious!!!!

-Tina Acharya

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